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Recent Uploads tagged clock
Tick Tock

Orchids love rainwater posted a photo:

Tick Tock

"Arty" version of the clock tower in Hay-On-Wye... HSS

  • PA_1082 Reactivated space invader in Paris 12th

    Sokleine posted a photo:

    PA_1082 Reactivated space invader in Paris 12th

    on the market place

  • Chicago Hotel, Seattle, 1937

    Rob Ketcherside posted a photo:

    Chicago Hotel, Seattle, 1937

    This building is currently a parking lot. In 1937 it had the Chicago Hotel upstairs, as well as 3 cafes (one named Angelo Cafe on the corner) and a barber on the first floor, along with jeweler O. Kimura.

    The clock on the right side of the photograph was owned by Otomatsu Kimura. This is one of four confirmed sightings of this clock. It was cataloged in a 1924 inventory of clocks, and is seen in a photo taken i late 1942, an undated (1940s or 1950s) image and a 1950 view. Because there is no street use permit for its installation, I believe it was installed prior to 1917.

    According to his illegal internment file, Otomatsu was born in Japan in 1874 and arrived in the US in 1903. Marriage records show that he married Suwa Yamamoto in 1907, who was born in Shiga prefecture just like him. She immigrated to the US in 1907 and her signature was in Japanese on the certificate, hints that they had an arranged marriage. He was already 43. They had two sons and a daughter over the next five years.

    In the 1910 census he already listed his profession as a retail jeweler. Newspaper articles later described him as a pawnbroker, so he sold at least some used good. A 1940 immigration document typewritten "jeweler" was overwritten with "watch maker" as his profession.

    That same year he paid for an elaborate entry in the city directory, saying: "Expert watchmaker, all repair work guaranteed, 21 years of dependable service at this location, 510 Jackson near 5th Av S". That matches our photograph, where a large placard over his door says "O Kimura - Expert Watchmaker". If the date is accurate, he opened the store in 1909.

    In 1940 his two sons Osamu ("Sam") and Kazuota were living with him with Kaz's wife Masako and their daughter Kujoko and newborn grandson Katsumi. The sons both worked at the University Club, one as a steward and one as a bartender.

    He went to the holding area at the Puyallup fair grounds and then spent the war at the Minidoka camp. At the time he entered the prison he was 67 years old. His grandson was 3.

    Otomatsu grew up on a farm in Japan, and must have worked at Puget Sound oyster beds and some sort of an amusement park per his employment record.

    He returned to Seattle after the war with his wife, children and grandchildren.

    Kimura died in 1964 at the age of 90. His obituary in the Seattle Times said that he owned his own store until he retired in 1955. Suwa preceded him in death in 1959. At that time they already had one great-grandchild. When he died there were 5.

    I'm not yet sure if he returned to the same storefront and retained ownership of the clock. But by 1950 the clock's face was covered with a sign saying "DRY GOODS". So at least in the final years his business was elsewhere.

    This photo is on the King County property card for parcel 524780-1590 at the Washington State Puget Sound Regional Archives.

  • _JAM8067

    Jamil D750 posted a photo:


  • Multi-tasking Business Woman isolated on white

    axyer posted a photo:

    Multi-tasking Business Woman isolated on white

    Beautiful asian business woman looking confident with six arms

    Recent Uploads tagged clocks
    #27 of 52 in 2016 - Time

    amy's antics posted a photo:

    #27 of 52 in 2016 - Time

    When we visited Galway earlier this year, we noticed these two clocks one Dublin time and one Galway time

    "In the past, Galway, like other Irish towns, operated according to local time, which was relative to its distance from Greenwich. Dublin time was twenty-five minutes behind London and Galway time was eleven and a half minutes behind Dublin.

    With the arrival of the railways, this became problematic for timetables as the local time at one end of the line could differ significantly from that at the other. As Irish trains operated to time in the metropolis – Dublin time – Galway had to conform.."

    After the Easter Rising in 1916 Greenwich Mean time was introduced in Ireland and Dublin time was abolished.

  • Fyfield, Oxfordshire

    Oxfordshire Churches posted a photo:

    Fyfield, Oxfordshire

    St Nicholas
    Church of England

    The west end of the naves dates from the 13th century but much of the church was rebuilt in the 14th century.

    The north arcade was rebuilt in the 15th century and the lower part of the west tower was perhaps built at the same period,

    The octagonal upper stages of the tower are a 19th century addition.

  • Putnam 1st Mercantile Bank decorated for Christmas

    donnieking1811 posted a photo:

    Putnam 1st Mercantile Bank decorated for Christmas

    Cookeville, TN

  • Clocks

    sovanam posted a photo:


  • France Gréoux-les Bains Provence

    DymphieH posted a photo:

    France Gréoux-les Bains Provence

    swap with maud

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