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Recent Uploads tagged clock
Tour de l'Horloge, Issoire

turbostar171 posted a photo:

Tour de l'Horloge, Issoire

  • Issoire

    turbostar171 posted a photo:


  • St Pancras Clock Tower

    shadow_in_the_water posted a photo:

    St Pancras Clock Tower

    The clock tower has been converted in to a flat which is available to rent. I can't believe how boring & dreary it is, it could have been so exciting.
    The Midland Grand Hotel was designed by George Gilbert Scott and built between 1868-76. Grade I listed.

    In 1865, the Midland Railway Company held a competition for the design of a 150-bed hotel to be constructed next to its railway station, St Pancras, which was still under construction at the time. Eleven designs were submitted, including one by George Gilbert Scott, which, at 300 rooms, was much bigger and more expensive than the original specifications.
    The east wing opened in 1873, and the rest followed in Spring 1876. The hotel was expensive, with costly fixtures including a grand staircase, rooms with gold leaf walls and a fireplace in every room. It had many innovative features such as hydraulic lifts, concrete floors, revolving doors and fireproof floor constructions, though (as was the convention of the time), none of the rooms had bathrooms.The hotel was taken over by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway in 1922 before closing in 1935,

  • Christchurch Mansion, Christchurch Park, Ipswich

    neil mp posted a photo:

    Christchurch Mansion, Christchurch Park, Ipswich

  • Cucù Heidi Haus restaurato.

    ollymillenovecentosettantasette posted a photo:

    Cucù Heidi Haus restaurato.

    Cucù Heidi Haus con movimento al quarzo, 2 melodie: classico cuck cuck oppure Westminster.
    Acquistato in pessime condizioni, ora restaurato con figure in legno.
    Probabilmente anni 90'...
    Alimentazione 2 batterie AA (ladyzelle).

    Recent Uploads tagged clocks
    Revolutions, fast or slow, but one takes time!

    This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it posted a photo:

    Revolutions, fast or slow, but one takes time!

    A mobile skyride (the biggest in Europe) at the Pier Head in Liverpool.

  • Clock Tower

    blan555 posted a photo:

    Clock Tower

    Chatham, NY

  • France. September 14th.-18th.1998

    Cynthia of Harborough posted a photo:

    France.  September 14th.-18th.1998

    Musee Quay d'Orsay.

  • Bernadette

    tombentz33 posted a photo:


    I have a small collection of antique clocks. Yes they all have names. Bernadette is over 120 years old! She still runs, but needs a bit of help sometimes. A clock this old runs on weights, not springs.

  • Časovnik na gradskoj bolnici / The clock on the old hospital building posted a photo:

    Časovnik na gradskoj bolnici / The clock on the old hospital building

    Časovnik na najstarijem objektu gradske bolnice, koji je podignut 1838. godine, u doba Vojne granice. / The clock is placed on the oldest building of the city’s hospital complex which was built in the 1838 year during the Military border.

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