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  • Wallingford

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    Kodak Portra 800 Film ~ Canon AE-1P 28mm f/2.8

  • Turmuhr

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  • Montpelier Desk Newspapers

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    Montpelier Desk Newspapers

    James Madison’s Montpelier Mansion, Montpelier Station, VA. See more at Montpelier

  • 02-12-1947_01077 Windmeting KNMI

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    02-12-1947_01077 Windmeting KNMI

    Reportage KNMI in De Bilt: apparatuur voor windmeting: windrichting en windsnelheid, 12 februari 1947
    Foto Ben van Meerendonk / AHF, collectie IISG, Amsterdam

    Foto gepubliceerd in De Waarheid, 17 februari 1947, pagina 4 in de rubriek De bonte wereld in beeld.

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    Clocks: Invention, History, and Development of Clocks

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    Clocks: Invention, History, and Development of Clocks

    Clocks execute an essential part of everyone's stories. A wall clock is utilized to estimate and validate the time. Timepieces have a distinctive form of proposing time. And there are several varieties of clocks that you can find on our online portal as well. Buy home decoration items that involve a cuckoo wall clock online and make it shipped to your home instantly.
    You can take home that wall or table clock that you prefer or the one that accommodates your home decor. You can set clocks on the wall in face of your mattress or the face of your sofa form. And not a day could be consumed without looking at the clock that is existing in your room.

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    www.InStyleWallstore.com is the place to shop to make your house a home! The addition of sconces, artwork, mirrors, clocks, and unique wall accents can transform a space from ordinary to extrordinary.

    Available to shop online!!

  • Edwardian wall clock

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    Edwardian wall clock

    Restored and working a treat

  • Edwardian wall clock

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    Edwardian wall clock

    Resorted and working. When I was restoring the wood there was a bizarre smell and a tarry residue on it, turned out it was pipe tobacco smoke, could well imagine an elderly man smoking the pipe in his home or could well have been in a pub!!

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